2017 Ministry Plan for Heritage Mountain Community Church
form the heart

Every way you’ve applied your heart to help others cultivate relationship with God is infinitely valuable. It is appreciated far more than you can know right now. Thank you, your generosity toward hearts delights God.

This plan invites us to participate in all our relationships and activities with a view to form the heart.

We volunteer with a vision to cultivate heart formation. In 2017, our ministry emphasis will empower the church family further as cultivators. This will involve two areas of focus.

One, we will reframe ‘form the heart’. In the fall of 2014 a ‘form the heart’ series of liturgies shared this approach. Starting January we will revisit Jesus’ invitation and how we are responding.

Two, we will invite the church family to cultivate. A multifaceted opportunity for this will be leading three months of volunteer-led liturgies while Paul receives a three-month sabbatical.

numbers of volunteers

We all cultivate heart formation. Here’s some numbers that show a perspective on volunteering. There are also many uncountable ways we volunteer to cultivate God’s presence in our hearts.

seasons of volunteers

While participation in ‘form the heart’ has increased numerically, volunteering is seasonal. We cultivate a thriving church family by recognizing we cannot go on doing more and more, but respond to the conditions of winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Each person will be invited to discern how they can best volunteer at this time. Learn more about The Seasons.

children and youth

God is forming the hearts of our children and youth. Our vision is to cultivate each child and youth’s relationship with God and with our church family so that they thrive with the heart of Christ. Here’s three contexts for cultivating these relationships:

time2thrive & home group

In time2thrive, we will continue with the new format and curriculum. The preschool and elementary groups will gather as a large group, connecting children to God’s story followed by small groups where children are invited to respond to the story as God’s Spirit leads.

Midweek Youth Home Group will engage students in conversation about Jesus, faith, and life while nurturing each youth’s relationship with God, with other youth and with their group leader.

equipping group leaders

We will cultivate each time2thrive group leader’s relationship with God as they facilitate the same with children in their small group.

There are 3 quarters in each time2thrive year. Following the 6th lesson of each quarter, leaders will meet and be inspired and equipped for the next set of lessons. We will also hold a half-day session at the end of each quarter.

intergenerational experiences

Cultivating relationships between all generations of our church family forms hearts as God’s people are challenged, inspired and transformed. Our Good Friday Hike, Afternoon at Timberline Ranch, and Christmas Skate will continue.

Children and youth will be invited to be more involved in our weekly liturgy as greeters, in reading Scripture, sharing in interviews and by being invited to participate in communion.

We will hold events to promote relationship between generations: An Easter event, a Mini Golf night, a time2thrive open house for parents and a service opportunity.


A sabbatical is a rest

It is quite common for pastors to receive a paid sabbatical after a certain number of years ministering to their church families. Some vary in length from a year, to six months and three months. A sabbatical is not only valuable to a pastor, but the entire church family benefits from the renewed vision, rest, and renewal of the pastor upon his return.  

In our case, Paul as our pastor, is eligible to take a three month sabbatical upon completion of five years of service which is next April 2017. He is the first HMCC pastor to reach this milestone! We are so grateful for his vision, intentionality, and commitment to our church family over the past five years! 

A sabbatical is our opportunity to give back to Paul the ministry of heart formation and we do so with excitement and anticipation of what God will provide for him, his family, and the HMCC family during his time away.

Paul will receive sabbatical from May-July 2017. He will use this time to cultivate relationship with God and his family. Part of this will involved a month long prayer retreat in Assisi. There will be opportunity to hear more in the coming months.

The sabbatical coincides well with our development stage as a church family. Our long-term vision for growth involves cultivating another church family to be formed. Opportunities to serve during the sabbatical will help develop new leadership activity.

Some of Paul’s responsibilities will be vacated (ie: he won’t be available for personal meetings, or be involved in liturgy, and ‘christmas eve in the village’ will take a break). Some responsibilities will be given to the church family (ie: leading liturgy, preaching, facilitating a prayer day). There are several administrative responsibilities (handling communication, facilitating the slideshow, and the weekly letter) that will be covered by someone in our church family who will be compensated with an honorarium.

Upon returning from sabbatical, Paul will re-engage ministry vision. After the church family’s experience leading ministry and Paul’s experience cultivating relationship with God, autumn 2017 will be a time of developing new vision. We will intentionally leave plans for autumn onward open to the new ways our hearts are made.


Our budget is developed from the ministry plan by our pastors and leadership team. Our only source of funding is donations from our church family. 48 individuals made financial contributions in 2016 so far. We are all recipients of this generosity. Each gift cultivates ‘form the heart’.

Last year we increased our budget to add a pastor for our children and youth. This year we project the same total expenses as 2016.


Monthly Average
$10 421
Compared to 2015
3% decrease
Highest Giving Month
detailed financial statements and itemized 2017 budget is available on request

Let the peace of Christ keep you in tune with each other, in step with each other. None of this going off and doing your own thing. And cultivate thankfulness. Let the Word of Christ—the Message—have the run of the house. Give it plenty of room in your lives. Instruct and direct one another using good common sense.

Colossians 3:15-17
translation by Eugene Peterson
Heritage Mountain Community Church