2018 Ministry Plan The

Ministry plans have helped develop ministry around ‘form the heart’ these past five years. We began with liturgies, home groups, and spiritual direction opportunities. Three years ago, we began orienting our governance around ‘form the heart’. Two years ago, we welcomed pastor Deanna to develop ‘form the heart’ with our children and youth. This past year, we expanded volunteer involvement around ‘form the heart’.

‘Form the heart’ will continue as ground for future vision. Innovative liturgies that cultivate relationship with God. Home Groups that cultivate relationship with God together. Spiritual direction opportunities that are responsive to each unique soul. Activity that cultivates each child and youth’s relationship with God and our church family so that they thrive with the heart of Christ.

How many years have you been part of our church family?
Which of these do you participate in?
How familiar are you with ‘Form the Heart’?